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Notary Reviews

Notary Reviews

What People Say About My Notary Services

I provide every client with exceptional customer service, and offer convenient on-site and Remote Online Notary services. As I work with you, my goal is to build great long-term relationships.

"It was great working with [Shunta] today. Communication was on point, and the signing went well. I even called the signee afterwards as a follow up and he said that he would give you a 10/10 on your performance."
Richard Wimbrough Realtor Maryland

Richard Wimbrough IV

Realtor/Homeowner Benefit Program
Shunta's Notary services exemplifies customer service with knowledge, confidence commitment and courtesy. I will definitely use her services again!
Notary Client, Maryland

Taqiyyah Abdulmateen

Notary Client, Maryland
Shunta was on time, professional, and very efficient. I will definitely use her services again if I need notarized documents. Definitely helps to have this ability without having to leave my home. Very highly recommended!
Notary Client, Virginia

Darren Foster

Notary Client, Virginia
Absolutely wonderful! Professional, precise and super knowledgeable! I enjoy working hand-in-hand with Shunta!"
title agent notary

Amanda Guy

Closing Coordinator, Pennsylvania
Shunta ... quickly returned our messages and handled our requirements with professionalism and ease. I highly recommend her for all notarial services.
Realty Notary

T. Harris

Realty Agent, Washington
Outstanding service. Shunta made an extra effort to ensure efficiency and accuracy.
Remote Mobile Notary Maryland

Shelly Briscoe

Notary Client, Maryland